Friday, June 30, 2006


I needed to get some things after work tonight and I heard someone in the store saying some transient lady was talking smack and acting crazy out front. I, being the smart guy that I am, exited out the back door to avoid it. I had one of those sixth sense moments. I knew she was going to be there, I just did, and she was! Right off the bat she heads right over to me and starts babbling about her husband not being a real man, but he can hang out at the bar when prescriptions are needed. Just retarded drunken babbling. It really wasn't even making any sense, half sentences and mumbling for the most part. I just kept walking. Then she says,
"So, you think that could happen?" and I was like,
"Think what could happen?" and she said,
"Yeah, you know, help me out with $20 for that prescription..." I said,
"Well, it's a bad idea to give money to people you don't know, and I don't know you so I'm going to just be nice and tell you no."
Well, she didn't like that very much and started on something about helping people in need. I said,
"Well, I'm not a Christian and have absolutely no desire or need to help you whatsoever." and she starts to say,
"Well, it's not about being a Christian, it's about help." To which I replied,
"Well, I HELP you get real drunk tonight, take care!"
At that point I closed my door, backed up my car, as she stumbled away babbling something more about the bar and penicillin. Drunks, god bless them all!!!!

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Excellent, love it!