Sunday, June 18, 2006


Seeing that I'm blogging again I thought maybe I would start with a fresh look. This time around I designed the Graphic myself. I also changed the look of the templates original look to go with the header. Hope you like the new look. I also now have the commenting on this page via blogger.

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This page looks fine in Firefox, fuck IE!!! It's crap.


Anonymous said...

hell yeah you're satanic? me too... secular satanism that is...

not the kind catholic preachers lie to you about.

you know? the kinda that supposedly break into churches and desecrate the eucharist.

I mean this happens... but I call those kinds of satanists poser satanists... cuz they only did it cuz preachers said they did.

hah and if this is you... well I'm not sorry either. but you understand right?

Anonymous said...

oooo pretty

Joe said...

No, I don't kill puppies, in the name of Satan, that is INVERTED CHRISTIANITY. I'm Left Handed. Secular Humanism simply put.