Friday, September 16, 2005



Remember that smug look that he has had on his face ever since he got reelected? Well, for now it's gone. Cocky arrogant elitist cunt got bitch slapped by mother nature of all things!! Serves him right, how dare he appoint useless unqualified buddies of his to important positions after 911! In reality, none of us mattered. Only his pocket book really has any value to him.


I was kind of feeling sorry for my self when I realized that nobody is reading my blog or hardly anyone linking to my page anymore. Well, I took such a long break from the whole process that I can't blame anyone but myself! I did need the break though, I had such a burn out on blogging that I couldn't think of anything to say, at all. Total blank! Well, I have the inspiration to write again, and I don't feel burnt out or not able to coax out the ideas swimming around in my brain.


The down season at work is finally over! Man, and I was not prepared to go full speed ahead after sitting on my ass for two months. Well, at least I'm making money again!

I do impersonations of people that I work with. I've come up with some good material lately and had everyone rolling on the floor at work today with my newest take on one of the older guys we work with. He is gay and has these very "butch" moments when he gets flustered about certain things. He then starts to strut around in a very cocky manor. Well, the strut is the new impersonation. I'm so going to get my ass kicked one day for all of this!

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