Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Well, I won the Karaokee contest again this year at the employee Christmas party but only got second place. How's this you ask? I'm not sure. It came down to me and this old guy who wasn't all that good, the crowed cheered loudest for me and even chanted my name but the guy running the contest gave the trophy to the old guy. The old guy even told me that I won. It was also the forty people that came up to me afterwards and told me I got robbed that leads me to believe that I won. Oh well, such is life.


I can't remember who it was but when I was dreaming last night I was told I needed to post on my blog today. I had a ton of weird dreams! So many that I can't remember all of the content. So here is what I remember. Two rappers, Ed and Dr. Dre from MTV were in concert rapping from a hot tub filled with strawberry jam and another berry substance. I think it was cranberries but I can't recall this part properly. I was told that this was for the ladies after the show so that they would taste and smell good when receiving oral sex. Some fat rapper fell in by accident at one point and the crowd went wild. I think it was the kid from the movie Good Burger. I was stage right the whole time watching. I had a dream about Josie trying to feed me some smoked sausage that had been sitting out for over a week. I had to explain to her why I couldn't eat it and actually woke my self up because I was talking in my sleep! Another very complex dream takes place on a golf course where I'm trying to coax these two electronic engineers into letting me have some of their ancient synthesizers so that I can make a really cool experimental music project. They end up showing me this gadget they created to wash watermelons. It was a huge pvc pipe with a fan at the top used to draw air in as it suspended and spun the watermelons in water. The conversation turned to butchering and Mr. Snyder (golfing friend of my dads, a pharmacist) decided to cut up a piglet so that we can cook it fresh. He chops off the head, and starts frantically cutting this poor thing up as it squeals the entire time. One of the engineers leaves shortly then comes back with this huge piece of frozen whale meat. I'm not going to eat it because it's DNA is too close to humans.

So why all the food influenced dreaming? Who knows. I think the guy at SUBWAY last night had something to do with it. The place was empty and as I ordered my sandwiches about eight people walked in behind me. He started frantically throwing and cutting the bread to make the sandwiches. So I know that was mimicked during the pig butchering part. The week old meat I think has something to do with the tsunami situation and either lack of food or things spoiling after a week. I haven't posted on this tragedy due to the fact that the magnitude of destruction and death over there is very upsetting to me. So many people are going to die due to illness and starvation over there. And all the bodies:

Click this picture

it's overwhelming! I don't even want to think about it.


I've been off for over two weeks and done very little. Got the new HALF-LIFE II and the extended version of RETURN OF THE KING for Christmas. My parents didn't make it down this year because my mom ended up in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung. I'm also broke as hell due to Christmas and lack of work, which happens every year. So today is the first day back and I'm ready to start making money!! This is real business, not discounted local holiday business. So I should be making decent money again.

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