Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Season that is! We all caught this nasty bastard this week. I missed work, as did Josie. Brandon is home from school today, and Miranda missed school last week. Oh the joy phlegm brings to ones life. I spit out more of that junk last week than I care to admit. I personally thank Jesus for creating viruses and bacteria.


It's good to be working again. Holidays are for the birds! Too bad I missed three shifts because of that damn cold but such is life. For anyone who has been reading this blog for more than a year I'd have to say it's nice to go to work now. I hated going for a while but the people who were helping stir shit up in my life at work are no longer working there and I'm getting along with 99% of my associates. There are still three or four people I would love to see drop off of the roster and I think at least one of them will do themselves in. How can you be a drug addict and function in a fast paced work environment and perform well? I couldn't do it.

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