Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Yes, got bored with the old look so I'm going with something different. I still
need time to tweak  things a bit but I'm happy with the overall look. Let me know what you think.


I saw the video of that American guy being beheaded. Disturbing, and he didn't see it coming. Don't know what else to say, it's war and that's the kind of shit you have to expect. Very disturbed about it though.


A knock on the door last night, it's a deaf teenage girl wearing a Ramones t-shirt. She needs paper so she can convey what she wants to tell me. She writes that she is looking for her dog. A few seconds later a guy walks buy walking three dogs, two on a leash and one following them. She says that's her dog. Well, the guy tells me he's had this dog for 10 years. After the girl sees the tags she realizes this isn't her dog and they both take off as another person approaches. It's a mentally handicapped person who is looking to ride his bike all the way to the other side of town. I try to explain to him how to get there and he suggests that I follow him all the way over there. Can't do it, Brandon is sleeping and Josie isn't home. He wouldn't listen to me so I just had to walk away from this guy and I go back inside. A knock at the door. It's the guy with the dogs holding a piece of paper saying someone found a small dog. I get the paper, run halfway down the street and give it to the deaf girl. No idea what happened after that but I hope she found her dog.

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