Wednesday, May 05, 2004


It's sickening that the powers that be are censoring Michael Moore's latest movie because it shows you know who for who he is. Wouldn't want to mess up our tax breaks, would we? Free speech, yeah. So that's the reason we need to keep this buffoon in office? Things have just been peachy since he got into office, and they are getting so much better. I'll stop there, not going to make this a political blog, there are enough of those out there. I'm so sick of the right wing pushing their ideals on us. I spit on your pseudo morality, false fucking half wits! What does W have up his sleeve? He's going to pull something real soon, mark my words!


I called in sick yesterday and I got canceled off of work for today. I was a mess yesterday! An ear infection had my equilibrium all messed up and I couldn't hear well or stand for very long. I slept till 2:00 p.m. as well. The antibiotics kicked in today though and I feel better. So I ended up with three days off and got some rest. I'm so glad I got some time off from work and was able to watch a movie with the kids at home tonight. There are still some nasty days up ahead though. At least I'll have money this summer when there isn't any work at all. Then you'll all have to listen to me bitch about being bored and poor.


My wife has been possessed by the devil! A very naughty devil that is!! I have no idea what has gotten into her but I like it what ever it is. Maybe I should stay away from home more often. Very naughty indeed!

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