Monday, May 10, 2004


My computer is on it's deathbed. The hard drive isn't working well, it's old, the cpu fan is almost dead as is the power source fan and it's running like crap. So I did what I've wanted to do for almost two years, buy a new computer. Looks nice doesn't it! It's a computer from ABS,  P4 3. OE GHz 800 MHz 1 MB L2 with a 120 Gig hard drive and 512 MB DDR, DVD Recorder, 128 MB Graphics card. Man, I'm stoked! And with Half-Life II coming out soon, oh I'm set!! Envy me beeyatch!


It's funny how whenever I mention sex or anything of that sort the hits on this page go up as well as the comments. I was having a great run this week until the crimson tide rolled ashore! Know what I mean? Things are going to get a whole lot better when Josie's mom moves out and the kids are in school. While on the subject, did I ever mention that the first time Josie and I slept together I was so nervous that my stomach became upset. This gives me gas, always and yes, I farted! I blamed it on the dog who had just wandered into the room. Poor Jo-Jo the dog, always the fall guy, or gal I guess. Well, Josie has never let me live that one down. And the movie that was playing on television was The Tenant by Roman Polanski. Weird movie. Freaked me out because at the time my favorite band was SKINNY PUPPY and they had sampled that movie heavily on their Cleanse, Fold, & Manipulate album. We would be going full speed and some line from the movie would pop up that I recognized and I would freeze for a second. It was a totally weird evening I'll never forget.


Well, looks like I'll be back in my computer room before long. Josie's mom is moving out. She wants to go back to a life of random abuse and poverty. So be it, it's beyond my control. No dogs will be allowed in the computer room this time around. It's going to be a clean little den with a ceiling fan, a papason chair, maybe a futon bed, a television set, and a computer of course. I can't wait, I'll be able to listen to the radio and music with no problems. Privacy, I can't wait...


Remember Kissing Hanks Ass? Pretty funny! Now someone has made a film short out of it. You can download it HERE but be forewarned it's about 17 MB long so if you don't have broadband it's going to take you a long time to get it.

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