Saturday, May 15, 2004


Got my new computer! YAY! Works really good but I still need to install a load of shiznit on it. Half-Life II will be out soon too! I'm pretty damn excited anyway.


Lot's of weird dreams as of late. I was Vince Neil the lead singer for heavy metal band Motly Crue a few nights ago. Very weird dream were I was singing WILD SIDE and getting the audience to participate. Then last night I dreamt that my dad had bought a new car and I was driving it up in the mountains. Somehow the breaks had failed and it started rolling over a curb and over a cliff. I magically was transported outside the car as it went off and smashed into some rocks. I ran like a raving idiot out to the highway and flagged some people down. I realized as some point that I was dreaming and used the whole lucid dreaming thing to get me out of the trouble I was in. Some guy helped me travel back to the past to save the car, which I did and I drove off after I convinced myself to not park the car near the curb. The current time me drove off but the future me was left stranded in a weird space time continuum paradox. I had to sign contracts to travel in time. It was very weird.


Josie's mom has been stirring up some shit. Talking behind our backs saying we have problems in areas where we don't, inviting people who are forbidden to be in our house while we are not around. She's so out in a month it's not even funny!

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