Wednesday, April 30, 2003


Been reading stuff on "cryptozoology" and "out of place artifacts" this afternoon. Just plane weird. Here is a link to a page about OUT OF PLACE ARTIFACTS. Pretty weird stuff.

What ever!

Had the whole day off yesterday and did not a damn thing! I take that back, I cut my hair. WHOO-HOO!! Watched "Day of the Dead" last night. Great zombie movie! Speaking of which, I went to see the new Rob Zombie movie the other night, "House of 1000 Corpses" and it sucked! His directing style was o.k. but the storyline never showed up. Save your money and go by porn instead. The new Matrix movie comes out this week. Looking forward to seeing that in the theater.


Had to spend my life at work last week. Then next few days are going to be more of the same. Not looking forward to that but what can you do? Things are better at work for me though, less tension. I'm just not talking to ingrates anymore than I need to. Not much else to write at the moment, I'm enjoying having a bit of freedom.

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