Friday, April 11, 2003


I know I haven't been keeping up with this blog but work has it's talons wrapped tightly around my fat neck and I'm suffocating. This work week has slowly drained me mentally. The fucking hags at work have all decided to make me the guest star of their little rumor mill this week, and they wrote the script for me. In the process they have hurt someones feelings (not mine) at my expense. Here is the readers digest version of what happened:

THE SET UP: Joe makes comment at work in front of others that there are some people that never load the truck on cater outs (truth), and that I'm tired of pulling their weight on cater outs (truth) when it comes to loading the truck. Another thing that happened the other night is that Dane C. was trying to get someone (anyone in general) to trade their ranch cater out function shift with him. I said, "That would be great, I would love to have you on the ranch." I said that because it's true, I would have loved to of had his Christian ass working with me at the ranch because he always helps load the truck.

THE RESULT: Some of the old hags, mainly ones who never load the truck, start the wheel to the rumor mill turning. "Did you hear what Joe said? Joe said he is tired of pulling Kathy West's weight on cater outs, he even went to the office and talked to Rob about it and said that she should feel bad about even going." A big lie. Not what I said. And you know what? The people who never load the truck didn't load the truck, and I confronted one of them who tried to convince me that they helped load the truck. Bullshit, I'm not an idiot.

FOLLOW UP: Talked to Kathy, we're cool. Talked to Rob, asked if I had ever been to the office about Kathy or even any cater out functions ever. Rob doesn't ever recall me being in there on any such business, we're cool. So, who's not cool? The women that have made this a gender issue. I have lost respect for quite a few people this week, and as far as I'm concerned, they are dead to me. What is #4 on the list of the Nine Satanic Statements?

IV Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!

So be it! And the irony of this whole thing is that the people doing most of this nastyness are christians. Well, I guess that isn't irony. So there are some people that I will no longer be talking to. Fuck them. I do however give props to Kathy for driving the truck for the caterout and helping load it as well. She did a great job! I realise she has a disability. It's too bad the rumor mill bitches couldn't see beyond their own inability to sufficiently do their work and tried to pin it on Kathy and make her feel bad about it at the same time. At this moment I'm over it, they are now dead to me. So be it.


Have been reading a friends blog on a daily basis. He is feeling lonely and isolated at work and at home. I'm going to step things up and try to do more with him because I don't think he considers me a friend and he is actually someone I enjoy hanging with. I did go see "THE TWO TOWERS" with him and his other (or is it better?) half. That has been a while though. He is gay and I have no problem with how others at work may perceive this. I'm going to make my list of friends at work very short after what has happened at work. It's time to withdraw, be a lot less social with the ingrates. Plus, we pagans need to stick together. I had more to write but I'm burnt. I want to do the "HOT CHICK OF THE WEEK" picture on here starting soon. I have a feeling it's going to be mostly Asian and Latina chicks. I can't help it. Anyway, I'm out!

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