Monday, April 07, 2003


Yesterday was another extremely long day at work. It was eleven hours of banquet paradise. Sad thing was that I had to work in a half-assed environment with half-assed people doing a half-assed job. Nothing worked or was done with completion. Setup, food, fellow employs all engrossed in half-assedness. It's past so I'll quit bitching!


The band Grass Roots played at work for an envelope manufacturing firm night before last. Only the lead singer is left from the original band. They thoroughly sucked. I helped the guitarist for the band find his way back to their staging room, even carried a guitar for him. He thanked me and I was leaving when he called me back to tip me. With what you may ask? Oh, an autographed picture of himself. Nice. It's nestled gently in the garbage somewhere at work now. Hang up your boots guys! Your glory days are old and moldy.

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