Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Oh what a joy to have a day off. Unfortunately I had to go to a meeting at work where we talked about the whole issue of gossip. No reason to beat a dead horse so I'll only say that the old rumor mill hags are the only ones who still don't understand things and are trying to make it a gender issue. Put up or shut up. The end.

Pizza Hut

Went to family night at Pizza Hut tonight. It was o.k. but too many people trying to get in. Good thing we got there before the rush! Brandon got a spider man balloon made for him by a clown. I ate cinisticks to the point of no return. Life is good.


Watched a documentary on HBO the other night on faith in God. The one lady I though was going to be super religious turned out to be the opposite. She was asked if she believed in God. She said no. She was then asked why. She said because that would be absurd for her to believe in such a way. What would the people on the other side look like when she got there? Young, old, what version of that person would be represented. She went on to make some other extremely valid points that I'm not going to type about just now. But I'm compelled to write about a conversation I had with a Christian a few days ago. It was about the whole "OMNI"ness of God. My question was this,
"Why would an all knowing God create you with the intention of having you reject him and then punish you for it?" God is a weak human concept, no matter what version you choose to incorporate into your life. And why do people always assume that there version of God is the right one? Do you know how many versions there are out there?

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