Friday, October 17, 2008


Today was kind of a non-day. I didn't sleep for shit last night so I ended up sleeping till noon. The one dream I can remember is that I was gathering pieces of smoked gouda cheese

and putting them into plastic bags. It was at work but I think I was gathering them for myself. It is one of the only cheeses that I will eat raw. Too weird. Dennis B. called me and woke me up. He rambled about politics for a solid hour. I got very little time to talk. He did his trademark talking over the top of somebody as they try to talk bit. It worked, I said very little. After one hour I then faked having to leave so that I could help Mike move some of his stuff someplace. I did this just to get out of the conversation. I then read the news, surfed the net, and then went to work. Tonight, William A. tried to guilt me into working his shift tomorrow but I didn't take it. I'll happily work the wedding I'm scheduled to work, even though I hate weddings. Beats working at the damn country club. So, being the little drama queen that he is, he acted like a little bitch for the rest of the evening. Such is life. Ahhh... Gay friends.

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