Wednesday, November 05, 2008


WE DID IT!!! Well, not we in AZ, but as a whole, yeah we did!! The people in AZ are still too stupid and frightened to get things done properly, but I tried anyway. So yeah, Obama has a shit pile in front of him to fix. Palin should be a distant thought, and I have hope in American once again. Now, if the powers that be can keep from creating some disaster and declaring martial law before January 20th. I have a bit of hope, for real.

My computer is in the shop, it's baffled the guys working on it as well, so I don't feel like such a failure that I couldn't fix it myself this time around. Should be back on Friday and I will post more often. They are going to stick Ubuntu on it for me. Going to use windows only for playing World of Warcraft and watching online movies via Netflix. So, be back soon. Sorry I haven't been around.

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Ephemeron said...

Thank goodness. :)