Friday, October 10, 2008


So, several people told me I'd enjoy the show DEXTER from Showtime.

Wow, another home run for them in my opinion!! I have a string of decent shows to watch for a change. Dexter, Weeds, and Heroes.

I've been having a ton of lucid dreaming this past week. One dream where my mom had a baby, then it turned out it was Josie that had the baby. I wasn't too thrilled about that. I had an abduction dream again this week, but chose not to type that one out as it was too disturbing. Didn't type any of them out to tell the truth. Should have, but it's just too hard to get up and chance not being able to go back to bed. Blah, insomnia can lick my balls.

Miranda and Mike both registered to vote. Makes me happy to know that they won't be voting for crazy Christians.

Actually worked a party for the Phoenix Suns this past week. Shaq is HUGE! He is also extremely nice. I was impressed with how nice he is to everyone. They had a D.J. and four of the Suns Dancers there. Holy cow is all I can say.

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Ephemeron said...

I love Dexter!! I'm debating whether to download the current episodes or wait until the next box set comes out.... I've seen some of the Heroes episodes, but haven't seen Weeds yet.