Thursday, October 02, 2008


Is it me or did anyone else find this movie to be a turd in a candy bar wrapper? What a piece of crap movie. I felt cheated and let down. I put it on last night trying to fall asleep and you would have thought it would have put me to sleep, but instead I kind of got pissed off because it was such a crap movie and a let down. In turn, I couldn't sleep. So, today I'm tired.

I worked a double shift today, which is good. October is usually a great month for us at work but seeing that our economy is in the toilet we have a whole lot less work. I told my mom about eight years ago, and again four years ago that Bush would hurt our economy and that my job would suffer for it. It's true, it all came true. A buddy of mine lost his job this week due to the shit economy. He and his cousin do demolition in homes, or demolish homes completely so that these homes can be rebuilt or refurbished. Well, nobody wants to rebuild or refurbish homes at this point. Sad, so sad.

I'll delete the VP debate rant I wrote. It's irrelevant. Plain and simple, she (Palin Vacant) did okay tonight, but still she is an armature with no business being where she is. I'm tired and going to bed now. Double again tomorrow, and a long wedding to work on Saturday. God I fucking hate weddings. I can't even enjoy going to friends weddings anymore. I've cut more wedding cake, and been to more wedding receptions than I care to think about. I'll stop thinking about it now.

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