Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here is a report about older German people and their reaction to what is going on with the Republican campaign for Presidency. I read something similar about seven or eight months ago about an old German guy moving back to Germany because of the way things are turning out. It reminded him too much of what the Nazi's did, only our government was at the helm this time. He said he didn't want to stick around to watch it happen again.

On the other hand, Blossom Goodchild "channeled" some Aliens and they are going to park a huge ship someplace in the southern hemisphere on Tuesday October 14th. Here is the full story, don't feel like typing it out. Sheldan Nidle
has basically been saying the same thing for several year, minus the actual date of arrival. You can read the archive of updates at the bottom of this page. Logic tells me I'm just being paranoid, but things are on the edge like no other time that I can remember. Man is bent on killing himself. People will do anything in the name of hate and greed no matter what the consequences are. So, reguardless of what you believe in (aliens or god), the "higher power" marches in to save us from ourselves. I don't know how much I buy into that, even as reassuring as it is. Too good to be true is more like it.

The world is going to shit. I don't remember being this scared eight years ago before Bush was put into office. I've read some pretty disturbing things as of late. Most are speculation with the whole conspiracy twist. It starts with the collapse of our country ending in marshal law and mass genocide starting in this country. With the way things are unfolding, and some of the things I've seen on Youtube, I'm starting to buy into it. I still have hope, but truth is that humans do terrible things. Fuck the worrying about the devil, humans do far worse things to each other. I haven't been this scared in a long time. Got to go to work. Wish us all luck, we are going to need it in the coming months!

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