Monday, September 15, 2008


So I hear things from friends, co-workers, associates and so forth (not many mind you) that Sarah Palin is a strong woman, moral woman, well grounded. I say, bullshit. She has no clue what is going on, and the way the McCain group is going around spreading lies is now getting condemnation from the Republican party itself. Romney and Rove are the latest to say that he has gone too far. If you feel the need to fuck up this country, and be a part of the sleazy campaign that is McCain/Palin, then so be it. But when they destroy what is left of this country, I'll be one of those people looking to kick your ass for letting it happen! Trust me on this.

As far as me, well... I cut the shit out of my thumb trying to open up a can of food yesterday. Lost my appetite. So yeah, look for my new weight loss book to be out soon. "CUTTING YOUR WAY TO A NEW SKINNY YOU!"

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-James said...

Yeah, the whole Palin thing was just another gem in the crown of pandering for votes for McCain. I'm suprised so many people are buying into this very fake couple running on the Repub ticket. I hope they keep finding skeletons in her closet...