Monday, September 29, 2008


So yeah, I'm pretty happy that America didn't get hijacked today. Sure, things are going to shit but from what I understand, if this would have passed, the dollar would have weakened and most of that money would have went to foreign banks. It's the current administration grabbing every American dollar as fast as they can as the ship goes down. The fat cats would have remained fat, and we would have ultimately been screwed. So, let us have our down time, let the necessary recession happen. Let the greedy get fucked by being responsible for their own actions, it's their fault we are in this.

So, what can we do at this point? Start investing in green energy, and that technology, it can only help. Oil is not going to last for ever and being pioneers in this technology can only be profitable. Free PART OF WHAT WILL SAVE US IS GETTING OUT OF THIS FUCKING MEANINGLESS WAR!!!!

Seriously, tell me the benefits of this war, other than helping bankrupt our country and kill off thousands upon thousands of innocent people. Yeah, the stock market is taking a plunge, but fuck it, that's not my fault. Fuck Gdoubleyah, fuck John McCain who "suspended" his campaign to focus on the this major dilemma (a publicity stunt that failed) and failed to do anything. As a matter of fact, I watched him campaigning and attacking Obama this morning instead of doing something to help save this nation. Fuck Pretty Vacant Palin for jeopardizing this whole country by being unqualified and possibly being a heart beat away from being an American president, fuck the religious right, and fuck the fuckers who fucked us and created this fucked up heap of fucked up shit. Yeah, I'm scared as hell about what is going to happen in the next few months. I'm scared that some of you out there voted for Bush. Double shame for those who voted for him twice. Seriously, how could you have been so blind? FUCK!

On a lighter note, I found GOD!!! He was in the refrigerator, way in the back behind the eggs. Sadly, he was moldy and unusable so I had to throw him out.

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