Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This is so not funny anymore. This stupid bitch is just a vacant pretty face. Shame on the GOP for sticking this moron into politics. Jesus, this person could be president in the wrong situation. Fucking hell!

Alaska isn't a foreign country? WHAT?


Anonymous said...

Some of us who live in Alaska feel like we are treated as though we live in another country. I can't blame her for not naming a magazine, it shows favoritism. So how do you feel about Obama?

Joe said...

I think Obama can name a news paper or two. This ignorant turd is a poor excuse for making the Presidency look like American Idol.

Ephemeron said...

Maybe she thought Katie meant Vogue and Ladies Home Journal... shit like that. ;) Seriously though, Katie does seem to enjoy putting her on the spot.

I don't know of anyone who acts like Alaska is a foreign country. I have, however, heard people talk like Hawaii is another country, especially when referring to the fact that Obama lived there.