Saturday, October 14, 2006


So bored old me took an I.Q. test tonight and did better than I thought I would seeing I kind of rushed through a few of the questions seeing how long the test had become. Not bad. I've taken quite a different ones and do pretty well every time. I think these tests are pretty simple to get good marks on seeing they are basically common sense questions. Then again, most Americans these days have little to no common sense! Not being narcissistic, just being honest. I know, I'm not quite Mensa material but then again, I'm not the village idiot either.

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Bethany said...

Jesus, yer a fuggin' genius! I don't do well on tests. IQ, spelling, drivers, pap, eye, you name it, I've failed it. Betcha you even know why they call it Le Royal. Look at the big brain on Joe!