Monday, October 30, 2006


British scientists grow human liver in a laboratory | the Daily Mail

This is why we need stem cells. Don't you get it that we are on the verge of curing so many diseases? It's time to move beyond your failed religions, just admit it, they are and never will work. It's time to give in and just let science do it's job. When was the last time you saw Captain Jean Luc Picard say, "Fuck all this scientific mumbo jumbo! Save us Jesus!!!!" ??? That's right, NEVER. I know, that's all fantasy. But so is the hippy savior who impregnated his own mother so that he could be born as human god, and had himself sacrificed to himself in order to save mankind from himself. That my friends is as wacky as it gets!!!! I'll take my chances on Jean Luc, because if we don't kill ourselves as a race of people, odds are that what is science fiction will become science fact in the near future!

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