Tuesday, October 03, 2006


What kind of content do you find most interesting here? Just curious if you like the rants, the videos from Youtube, pictures of hot chicks, recipes, what ever. Trying to get viewership up so I can make a little cash with my google adds (joke). Feel free to click on them anyway, they are on your right! I know, I'm greedy. Kevin Rose makes like a quarter million a month from his adds! Props to that guy! I remember when he was a host on TechTv back before G4 bought it and destroyed it, turning every show that remained into pathetic drivel that even a 14 year old gamer must have trouble relating to. Also, I have this radio station going on Pandora. If your a tecno fan or love Industrial and ambient music, leave a comment for me on who to add, artist wise, to the station. I have a good mix going so far. You can listen to it by clicking the picture blow!!!

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Bethany said...

Okay, as far as ambient bullshit is conerned, Mark a.k.a. scrotum dragging boy, loves the ENO. Can't stand it myself. I like your rants. Like yer tube crap, but would prefer a little more you, and a little less it. Ya know?