Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Dead Baby Dress Up Fun!!!

I'm spending my day off being lazy and just plain fucking around. Notice the super hero I created via This Is A Cry For Help under the Super Hero Baby Dress up game. I love this site! Anyway, I'm still feeling a little sick due to this cold. I'm starving as well, I need to go make lunch soon.


Miranda brought home her first failing grades ever this week. She's been a A and B student, always. Suddenly she misses a test, and some other stuff in Spanish. She also has a crush on a boy but doesn't know I know. His name is Pedro and I'm not telling her how I found out. This shit comes to an end now or I'm going to have to become an un-cool dad and take some things away.

Our house is back to normal. Click on picture for larger view.

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