Thursday, September 09, 2004


Mr. Devil to you... Posted by Hello

I won tickets to go see RESIDENT EVIL II: THE APOCALYPSE today. The FRANK SHOW on KFMA was asking people to call in and confess the most evil thing they had ever done. I didn't have anything real evil, but I did call about what I used to do back in the mid 80's when I was really bored. I would call up a certain Catholic church and leave messages on their answering machine with an altered voice. I would use a pitch shifter to make my voice real deep and scary and then would leave a message from Satan about how I really wanted some tasty wafers to go with my Cheese Wiz. I would also call up some place called Carpet Crafts or Carpet Crafters (it's been 20 years) at night and leave messages in the same voice as the Carpet Craft Master. I would tell them to steal the souls of the un-expecting with their weaving skills. I was bored and stoned on a regular basis back then.


Dining area Posted by Hello

It's finally done! Looks nice, Doesn't it?

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