Tuesday, January 15, 2008


People in Texas saw one of these in the past few days. These things are over a mile long, they are seen all over the world, and was what was seen the night of the Phoenix Lights back in 1997. I remember seeing people on the local news talking about driving under it for over a mile on the interstate, and how it was so huge that it blocked out all the stars, and that the only thing visible was the lights on this massive vehicle. A friend of mine was up there that night and saw it, and said it wasn't anything close to ilumination flairs like the military said they were. Hell, even the (now ex) governor Fife Symington says it was a UFO, and that at the time he was unable to say anything due to his position, and even saw the thing. So, call me crazy, but this has got to be looked in to. It's time to quit covering things up and trying to make people look wacky! You can all be in denial, I'm personally concerned.

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