Friday, January 11, 2008


I'm back on my way to being skinny. I am basically on day two and weighed myself just to see where I am. I originally started out at about 240 pounds three years ago. I got down to about 187 or so last year. Well, I got back up to 214 and this shit needs to stop. I'm tired of being chubby. So, this is me proclaiming my weight loss. I will be 175 pounds soon. No more eating crap, no more procrastinating, no more feeling like shit! It's back to a low carb, sugar free way of eating. I already feel better. No lie. So it's basically a combo of Atkins, sugar busters, and south beach. Basically, watch what you eat. Green stuff, as much as I like with meat, some cheese, and a few fruits and nuts. I'm at:



James said...

define 'green stuff' that you eat

schmuckraker said...

i am curious, too, what kind of foods do you eat? snack wise, etc? Do you eats lots of red meats?

One great way to start eating healthy is avoiding foods with trans fats, and avoiding foods with high amounts of chemicals such as "natural flavoring"..

Let's say you want to make Chicken Alfredo. Do not buy the pack of processed cheese, melt down your own. Simple things like that can lead to a healthier life.

But do you eats high amounts of proteins?

Joe said...

Yeah, eating mostly natural foods, low on any processed stuff. Green stuff as in salads and veggies. Staying away from rice, pasta, white breads, potatoes, gay porn, and the far right wing. I feel better already......