Saturday, January 13, 2007


OH!! My Friday and Saturday evenings back in the early 80's were centered around this show. NIGHT TRACKS was the best I could do seeing we didn't have MTV in the redneck town I grew up in. It was my lifeline to the real world, modern times. Here are a few of the videos I remember staying up late to watch.

Michael Nesmith - Cruisin'

The Fixx - Saved by Zero

Missing Persons - Words

U2 -Sunday Bloody Sunday ( Red Rocks)

Kim Wilde-Kids in America

Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams

Then sadly, after six hours of drooling, wishing I was a real American teenager, who could share his hopes and dreams with others like me would almost be brought to tears at the end of the show...

You see, I was cheated. I wasn't meant to grow up in a small rodeo town in the middle of fucking nowhere Nebraska. I couldn't relate to a group of people where the main focus of everything was RODEO!!! I had a few, very very few friends I could even relate to. Yeah, driving around the town square endlessly looking for a place to party with a bunch of rednecks wasn't quite what I desired. I'm so glad my friend Stace moved to Tucson and invited me to come live with him.

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Thoth said...

Awesome. It was cool, er, I mean bitchin' to go back to the 80s there...
Dale Bozzio. hubba hubba.
She STILL looks hot.