Monday, January 01, 2007



Notice that CNN totally tries to debunk this whole thing without printing any of the testimony. LINK IS HERE. Why do you think this is, this is a serious issue folks. In the least bit I'd say it's a bit of a security threat.

Why is this still taboo? Why are we so fucking arrogant, thinking we are the center of the universe, the pinnacle of logic, science, and reason? Well, this planet may be ancient but at the same time it' s relatively young in the scope of things. There is no doubt in my mind that civilizations exist elsewhere, somewhere out there beyond our knowledge. I'm positive there are some that are hundreds of thousands of years more advanced than we are. Maybe they can traverse space and time, even dimensions. It's not beyond logic, science, or reason. It's scary to think the we are in fact NOT the shit. So why keep on thinking in such an ass backward mode and not just treat this scientifically instead. Out of the MILLIONS of abduction cases there is the possibility that even one, if not hundreds are authentic and not just fantasy. I heard Michio Kaku state something like this recently. He also stated that in fact that even if ONE of these cases were genuine that it would be the single most important thing to happen in our history. We in fact are a category 0 civilization. We are not to far removed from rubbing sticks together to make fire and yet we are at the apex of our current eon. We are on the edge of breaking into the next age, but if we continue to kill each other over gods and greed we will surely be doomed.

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