Sunday, January 14, 2007


Worked a Hindu wedding last night. There were some stunning women there let me tell you, and the people were all so polite and nice even if a tad demanding. But like I said, all very nice. At one point I tried some of the food they had imported special for this event. Half of it was kick ass, but I tried one of the deserts and just about launched the contents of my stomach! Only way I can describe this desert is if you took the flavor of cheese, play dough, milk that is just slightly over the expiration date, some lard, honey, and a slightly unwashed vagina and mixed those flavors together, and gave it the consistency of play dough and presented it with some of the most putrid colors you can think of. I lost my appetite. This stuff really could be used as an appetite depressant!

But, today I called in sick! Nothing to do with the food. I was having reoccurring dreams about taking my temperature and having the shakes, only to wake up with a fever and the shakes. Not good. I'll be headed back to bed soon. Tired and worn like you get when your feverish.

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Get better soon ......