Friday, August 25, 2006


I found this picture today on a right wing news-link page:

Now, what I find funny is that nowhere is the likes of his royal greatness or his gun happy guru. And is this picture not the epitome of the Holy Trinity of Our Blessed Mother of Sorrowful Doubt and Pain in Death and Destruction or what?!? Can I get an AMEN! Praise the Lard! The media needs a healthy champagne enema, one that just fizzes and bubbles all the bullshit away. It just occurred to me that what you have up there is a Michael Moore sandwich! Only the bread is stale and the filling smells like my unmentionables after a 10 day spree in a Cambodian whore house. Can I put in a request to bring back O.J. Simpson in some form or fashion? I'm sure he's planning to do something horribly wrong that we can exploit to it's fullest. Please, pretty please!!!!

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