Sunday, August 27, 2006


Looks Like Florida has it coming! God will surly, ah, surely strike down on them with his Grapes of Wrath © brand of grape juice! I blame that son-of-a-Bush who rigged the election! Yes, there will be no chocolate cities when God has his way, which is utter destruction, rape, fire, brimstone, plague, famine, Wal*mart, and just a little more rape for a subtle hint of psychotic power crazed lunacy that can only be admired and fanatically worshipped by droves of mindless idiots. Yes, when all is said and done, God will shine through like that crazy diamond that The Pink Floyd sang about once upon a last millennium. I hear the mini series is going to be chuck full of special effects and odd camera angles. I hope David Lynch directs it with a nude cameo from the likes of Pat Roberson. It's going to be great, stay tuned!!!!


I've said before that the majority of hit's I get these days are from people either looking for nude pictures of Juliya from FUSE or pictures of Asian women in stockings. I still think that's funny as hell. But Juliya is gone and FUSE has taken a turn for the worse. I have a feeling that FUSE is on their way to becoming as shitty as MTV is. The once great shows like LOUD and URANIUM are gone only to be replaced with overproduced mediocre mainstream tripe. So sad, I was an avid FUSE fan for the past few years, but now I just have to catch HEADBANGERS BALL on M2 when it's on. If they were smart, they snap up Juliya and have her host it. FUSE has lost their vision. Just like G4, another once decent television channel has been reduced to the mainstream.

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Bethany said...

I always found this child annoying, especially her voice.