Thursday, August 19, 2004

RedRuM Posted by Hello


Here are some funny things I've seen recently. The first one was found via The Dark Angel Chronicles. It's Angry Alien Productions. There are bunnies acting out movies in thirty seconds. I like The Shining the best. Also, check out the Happy Tree Friends page. Kind of sick but perversely funny.


Was just about asleep last night when I smelled something burning. My first reaction was, "Shit, the house is on fire!" Then I hear the fire department racing down the street. I got my pants on real quick an walked down the street where a neighbors house was burning pretty fiercely. So I go back home, not much I can do. This morning I go by the house and you can't even tell from the outside that it had been on fire. Weird.


My knee is pretty fucked up still. I'm going to need to see a specialist about it. Not to happy about this. I can walk okay but if I bend it a certain way or move just the wrong way it hurts. Not good.

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