Friday, August 13, 2004


Nebraska Cows Posted by Hello

Yes, good to be back! Vacation was good, but short this year. Josie even had a good time so that is a good sign. Stayed in the crack house again, and nothing weird happened this year. Saw a lot of people I haven't seen in years so that was good. Played poker with my brothers and just hung out for the most part. Did a little bit of the reunion part on the trip back but was more there to see my brothers and parents and to relax. I also had time to let my knee heal from the fall I had on my birthday. It's pretty much back to normal now. The bad thing about the trip is the 22 hours of driving in either direction. Other bad stuff about the trip is the demands and or pressure that was being put on my mother by others who had no clue they were doing any such thing. I say respect other peoples homes and keep the bitching and whining to a minimum. Also, nobody likes tightwad moochers. If you read this and think it's about you, chances are it is. Start thinking a little and don't be so fucking self absorbed. Maybe you should start offering to pay for things once in a while.Also, if you mooch don't be afraid to help around the house and maybe do some dishes once in a while. Oh, there is just as much talk going on behind your backs about you as your doing about others.


Rick James is dead as is Julia Child. It always happens in threes so who's next, or am I missing  someone here?

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