Saturday, August 21, 2004

For Christmas PLEASE!!! Posted by Hello


Yes, I'm easy to please so if you want to know what I want for Christmas you won't have to ask.


Have you ever watched Penn & Teller's BULLSHIT!? It's my new favorite show on television. Sure I don't agree with everything they say but they have a lot of good points. The two best shows I've seen so far were the shows on obscenity, and the bible. Check it out if you have a chance.


The tile is being put in as we speak, guess I'll be stuck in here playing poker and various other games to keep myself occupied. Moving furniture sucks cock! Glad this is the only time I'll be doing this. I'll save money on carpet cleaning and replacement of carpet. I was spending about $400 a year to have it cleaned. Oh no, the loud Mexican radio just kicked in. It's going to be a long day1

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