Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Well, I met

THE FOOL from the tarot deck in my dreams last night, as well as THE HIGH PRIESTESS. I met THE FOOL on the road near the cliff he is so dangerously close to in the card. This also happened to be outside of THE UNDERCITY from World Of Warcraft. Odd. I asked him to tell me who he is. He started talking but all I can remember is that he said he had a wand, a disk, a sword, and a cup in his bag and that he was taking them to

THE MAGICIAN. He then went on to tell me that THE MAGICIAN didn't really know how to use them correctly, even though he pretended that he did, and that only

THE HIGH PRIESTESS knew what to do with them. He said she needed to teach us what they are for. The wind was in her hair and she was wise beyond all description. She was so beautiful that I can't even put it into words. I knew she had infinite wisdom. That is all I can remember. Will try and pry more out of them tonight.

I also dreamed I was with Barrack Obama in a private room at work. I was in charge of his meals and so forth and we were talking. I told him he needed a hug and resentfully accepted one. Was in the Udall Room at work. Fucking weird.

Also, dreamt that I was inside the Burwell Nebraska Fire House. It was empty accept for a large concrete shower. I guess I needed to be clean cause I took a shower. Very odd.

So, the only part where I was aware that I was dreaming was the tarot card dream. Very vivid and in color.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like your life is in turmoil right now and it's getting into your dreams.
We might be in Tucson in November so email me. We definately need to hook up.
As for the dream in Burwell. I still dream about Burwell. They are usually pleasant dreams though.