Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well, rumor is that Guillermo del Toro may be directing the two part Hobbit movie with Peter Jackson on board to Produce it. This is all around great news in my opinion!!! I basically have a full on, whatever, for this project. The Shire should still be intact, just needing to be groomed for this movie. I really hope this is true. Only time will tell.

Other Jackson news:


Seriously! What has THE so called KING OF POP done to himself? There is a horror movie with him staring as himself waiting to be made! I'm not fucking kidding, look at this guy! WTF?

Recent Movies I've Watched:

Superbad - FIVE STARS
Hard Candy - FIVE STARS

Both worth renting!!! I'm sure I'll buy Superbad at some point.

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