Sunday, December 10, 2006


CLICK HERE to see the video. It's not showing up on my page for some reason, so until it does, just click to link there.

It's the "god hates fags" morons. I seriously have such a hard time understanding homophobia and the hate it generates. I'm not gay, don't have feelings towards the same sex in a sexual way, nor does it arouse me. This is why I have no fear of it. What business do I have telling anyone how they can love or who they can love? Yes, the god of the bible hates homosexuals. The god of the bible hates a lot of things. The god also speaks of the world as being flat and of unicorns. The god of the bible is also a misogynist. The god of the bible represents so many of the weak traits that humans harbor that I could never worship, revere, or respect such a racist murderer. I loath your god and frankly am ashamed that so many of you blindly follow such a pathetic and hateful and utterly harmful belief. What makes you think your god doesn't hate you? Is it the same blind deceit?

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