Thursday, June 01, 2017


Was having a dream where this octopus type monster was after everyone. Was in a town like the town I grew up in, but was also a huge school campus with a lot of buildings. This being could transfer into human form when it wanted to. There were also these space ships finding people and kind of beaming up, or capturing people. I ended up in this weird staircase interracial teen couple, white girl and a black boy. There were there just hiding to make out, but I was trying not to die. They got the boy. I ran out into the street and the monster was hot on my tail. Some fat lady was going in the opposite direction, and I tried to warn her but she got snarky. The monster got her in the street, basically in front of the old five and dime store. Tried to warn a couple of cars gong that way, and they too were snarky. I was going to jack one of the cars so that I could run over the monster who was no in human form, ripping apart the fat lady, but the lady in the car was not going to get out, so I tried to drive the car as I was clinging to the outside of the drivers side. This failed and the car stopped just in front of the monster. More chasing. I ended up on top of a building in some secret control room that was like a cockpit of some flying ship or something. They extracted me, and then the scene panned out like in a movie, and the whole city was  being invaded, and everyone was being taken away as some alien race plunders our planet for everything, humans and all as some kind of resources they needed.

Then suddenly, I was in a library, talking with some people about how aliens wouldn't look anything like us, or be anything like us if they came from a different universe, or even galaxy. Then it was clear that the library was part of some paranormal investigators office, and I was setting off some electronic device used to detect certain types of electromagnetic waves. This wasn't normal, and the device was emitting an unusual noise indicating that it was at max capacity on it's detection chart. The noise turned into my daughters voice crying out,  "DAD!" in a very worried state. I tried to call her and couldn't reach her, and I started to panic. This is where the dream ended as it wok me up.

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