Monday, August 13, 2012


I was dreaming I was at a very rich lady's house. It was heavily decorated in south west fashion. Lot's of south west colors and pottery. I was wondering around a lot. At one point there was some young chef from work who was being let go of his job and he was heavily stressed about it. I convinced him to talk the main chef from work to let him have another try at it, and said chef just happens to show up on the scene at that moment. He asks and the main chef makes him sign some package binding him to the job some how. The young chef signs it, and the second he does, he is fooled into cooking some banquet party for a bunch of gypsies right away. It's as if he signed his soul away for something he wasn't prepared for and the chef makes him start cooking and decorating. All of these gypsy ladies show up dressed up in the fitting garb, all ready to celibate and have a good time (no song plagiarism going on here...) as the young chef frantically prepares for the party. I'm taken in with the party as if I belong there. My mom shows up, and I see my daughter enter the court yard in the distance.  At one point I'm being lead away by one of the gypsies that is going to show me something. My mom is with me. I get the feeling that this is somehow a set up for a human sacrifice and this is what the party is all about. There is more to it, I just can't recall it. I woke up at this point. I don't think I was in danger but felt my mother and daughter were for some reason....

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