Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I have to admit, I'm feeling more and more like Winston Smith from George Orwell's 1984. Here is why. You have articles like this one here stating that we are close to war with Iran, which by the way will destroy what is left of this country. See how people react when they are paying $12.00 for gas and even more for food than they are now! At the same time, the news we get here in the USA is beyond shitty and juvenile. CNN does shit like this:


while on the other hand Fox news applies incredibly childish and inexcusable tactics such as this:

You can find the article by clicking here. Seriously, wtf? And I'm to be made out as a conspiracy theorist, a whack job, or un-patriotic if I question any of this. Well, fuck that. This isn't the country I grew up in. I'm sure they will have my head at some point in the future for saying these things. Seriously, just give them a chance.


So I spent all of yesterday trying to fix Brandon's computer. He had a nasty bastard called VIRTUMONDE and pray you don't ever get it. I spent an entire day trying to remove it, and I tried everything. EVERYTHING! I couldn't locate the recover disk to his computer so I didn't think I had any more options. Then, Brandon found the disk and I was able to just take his computer back to the factory setting, minus any virus. So, now his ethernet card isn't working, so I have to tackle that in order to get to the net, and his windows key has been scrubbed off by Josie, so if I need it for some odd reason, then I'm just going to have to wait and get him a new computer. Blah.....

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