Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I was having a dream just a bit ago that woke me up. It's just after six a.m. here so if you know me, then you know it's real fucking early and I have no business being up at this moment. So here it is:


In the dream Josie and I are in bed trying to sleep. Josie is crying that she knows the spirits of her dead family are there and just wants to be with them. Seeing that this is a new house (just one of those things you naturally know in dreams....) I want no part of it. I tell her NO! but she pleads with the spirits to show themselves. It's her brother Louis that seems to be there. But the spirit I see is of some cute little girl, who moves around the corner so that it can't be seen. Josie then knows she can call on her mom and her sister Laverne. They then walk around the same corner the little girl had walked around, so that we can see them...

JUST THEN.... My virus alert goes off on my computer, scaring the shit out of me!!! This woke me up. Talk about timing. I have had poltergeist experience in the past. This didn't sit well with me so now I can't sleep.

And for an experiment, to see if I get more hits on this page due to wording.

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