Tuesday, July 11, 2006

SYD BARRETT 1946-2006

A legend in music history has passed away. Syd Barrett was a founding member of PINK FLOYD and influenced many in the music industry including people such as David Bowie. He apparently died last Friday from complications related to diabetes. Even though he was mentally ill and disappeared from the music sceen around 1971 I am sure he will be missed by many. Shine on Syd...
Pink Floyd - Look Of The Week
Syd Barrett era Floyd


CraftyPretender said...

Great artwork of Syd. Floyd missed me by a few years, but I got introduced to their stuff by my fiance last year. I played Dark Side of the Moon (though it is prolly after he left the group ... but I'm not sure) enough times when I heard the news. RIP and thank you, Syd.

Joe said...

Yeah, Syd really was only on the first record, which was his stuff. Drugs and mental illness don't mix.