Monday, April 03, 2006


I'm officially down to 187 lbs!!!! I'm happy as hell seeing I was at least 240 lbs when I started to drop this weight. Sugar is the devil, trust me on this.

No Nude Photos To Follow

On average, things are pretty boring. My wife is still the queen of spending money, and borrowing money without paying it back. She owes me about $500+ just for this year alone so far. I need to put a burn on making some cash with summer coming up and seeing I'm pretty broke at the moment. Life is so grand.

Finally got to Molten Core instance on World of Warcraft. Only got a little ways in but looks like fun! I made some righteous cash off of the skins I got off of the beasts I skinned in there. Helps to have 300+ skinning in those endgame instances. I didn't win, but got to roll on this:

I rolled a 24 and the other guy rolled a 25! Talk about lucky sucky rolls. Oh, I think I just created a title to a porn movie!!!!!

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