Monday, July 19, 2004


Played a ton of Diablo II this week. I have my Necromancer up to level 47! I know, who cares... I also got an e-mail from Juliya Chernetsky's publicist asking if I want to do an interview with her. How fucking rad is that? If you have any questions you want answered you should e-mail me with questions about said topic in the subject line. More than likely it will be done via e-mail seeing I don't have the storage space to place mp3s or wave files or even a recording device for phones.


Okay, here's the picture of me with the goatee. Only one person hates it, and it just happens to be Josie. Yes, the hair get's cut tomorrow.


Lot's of shit hitting the fan this week! It was to be a quiet week off from work with privacy and nothing more that being lazy, watching television, listening to music, playing video games, and eating popcorn. Well, first thing that goes wrong is that Josie's mom get's dropped off on our doorstep and left there like a homeless dog. Seems that her big mouth got her thrown out of her daughters house (three homes in one year!) in record time. The same daughter that bitched and whined when I got Alice her own apartment a couple of months ago, the same daughter that thought we were doing some kind of injustice to their mother when I was only helping. Well, same shit different day! Alice has the bad habit of creating drama for the sake of entertainment, her own entertainment. Just like she did with us she went around telling people the problems that were going on over there and making up shit in the process to make it seem interesting. Well, I'm not playing this game! I told Josie her mom is out of here by the first of August, furniture and all! I got her an apartment once, went to great lengths to help her out only to be repaid with disrespect. So fuck her! I haven't said one word to her since she's been here. Oh, and a heartfelt thanks to her for pissing all over our furniture! FUCK!

So with that going on Brandon started getting sick about six days ago. He had a really high fever of 103.5` F and I almost rushed him to the ER but was able to get his fever down quickly to about 101` F. Then little red marks all over! Ah, chicken pox!!! So he still had a fever going two days latter but it wasn't chicken pox, it turned into hives and he was covered with them. So one doctor visit later we find out he has Strep and that is causing the massive rash all over. So now he is back to normal and no longer looks like a leper. So that was my crazy week.

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